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  • KEGGFARMS is delighted to introduce Indian Country® Chicken

    Recognising that there is a discerning class of consumers, who are not only particular about the taste of what they eat but equally whether the product they consume is safe and has been produced in a manner, which respects environment and humaneness; KEGGFARMS is now introducing Indian Country® Chicken, which is an unmatched product. The only one of its kind, anywhere.

    The Indian Country® Chickens are not Broilers but Kuroilers. Handsome, colourful and full bodied chickens, genetically bred by KEGGFARMS, to deliver the most fulfilling gastronomical experience to the discerning consumers for whom only the very best will do. Their ample and firm meat evenly distributed over their chests, legs and other regions, seek to provide an experience of delight. The Indian Country® Chickens grow steadily but not overly fast. When ripened to an age and weight where they yield the best balance between flavour, bite and tenderness to match the gastronomical expectation of the discerning customers, they are dressed as humanely as possible in the Company’s premises, under the safe and hygienic conditions.

    Indian Country® Chickens are not produced on Industrial scale nor are they intended for the mass market. They are raised in limited numbers for discerning consumers only. It is immensely more costly and time intensive to raise Indian Country® Chickens. That is the choice which we consciously make to ensure that we can deliver a chicken, which is matchless by any standards. Comparable with the very best anywhere in the world, if not the very best.

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